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About the Miriam Project


The Miriam Project established this blog in order to discuss adoption-related topics with depth and reflect on the joys of adoption.


A young Miriam carefully watched from the tall reeds on the bank of the Nile, as Pharaoh’s daughter drew Miriam’s baby brother from the river and took him as her own. Motivated by love, to care for a tender life, Miriam entrusted him to the care of another (Exodus 2:1-10).

This event in history was an appointed move of God, a miracle. It was a miracle that not only saved Moses life but also provided him with the specific training, education and access needed to fulfill the awesome mission of leading a nation. A mission God had uniquely purposed for him.


The Miriam Project is a Christian adoption agency that, like Miriam, seeks to be directed by God, placing children in loving homes so that His plan for them might be fulfilled, as it was with Moses.

Madison Park Church of God established the Miriam Project in response to the need for adoptive services in Madison County. Remarkably, after the church’s senior pastor, Jim Lyon, publicly shared his story of adoption, many people were inspired by his experience and began to explore the possibility of participating in an adoption.

The Miriam Project was licensed by the state of Indiana in 1999.


The body of Christ at Madison Park Church of God believes that all children are treasured by God and are filled with unique potential which is enhanced by the nurturing provided in a Christ-centered home. To that end, The Miriam Project provides adoption services to assure that all children within the reach of this ministry are embraced by healthy and loving families within the body of Christ.

Visit the Miriam Project

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