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Providing Change for Children

May 8, 2023

Baby Bottle with Title Each year the Miriam Project runs several fundraisers designed to bolster our annual budget and enable us to continue working to accomplish our mission of ensuring that all children within the reach of this ministry are embraced by healthy and loving families within the body of Christ. One of our most successful fundraising campaigns is our annual Change for Children baby bottle drive. We have partnered with two local churches that have allowed us to pass out empty baby bottles to members of the congregation who then fill those bottles up with their spare change in the following weeks. A baby bottle full of coins usually contains between $15 and $25, although there are usually quite a few people who supplement the coins with cash or checks.

One of the families who regularly participates in our Change for Children campaign shared an inspiring story with us; we thought you might like to hear about it as well. Cherilyn and Jason and their two daughters Eyla (5) and Bailey (3) have participated in this fundraiser as a family for several years. Cherilyn and Jason use this as an opportunity to teach their children about adoption. They explain that sometimes a child may need a new mommy and daddy in order to be safe and taken care of, and that the baby bottles full of coins help with that. In previous years, Cherilyn and Jason simply gave their daughters coins to put into the bottles. This year, however, Cherilyn and Jason saw another teaching opportunity, so instead of just giving their daughters the money, they created opportunities for them to earn it by doing chores around the house. Cherilyn explained that both girls have been enthusiastically matching socks, folding laundry, and cleaning mirrors so that they can earn coins to put in their bottles. She said that they are so excited that every morning and evening they are asking for more “jobs” so they can put more coins in their bottles.  Below are some photos are the girls completing “jobs” and filling their bottles with coins.

This year we have also introduced a Virtual Baby Bottle donation option for people who may not use cash or who may not be local but still want to get involved. For just $25 you can fill a Virtual Baby Bottle and change a child’s life. Our goal is to collect 100 Virtual Baby Bottles by June 1, 2014. Will you donate one?

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