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Funding Adoption

February 21, 2023

money calculator Adoption can be expensive but we don’t think that cost alone should prevent anyone from pursuing adoption so we have put together a list of resources and ideas that can help make adoption more affordable. If you have heard of other resources or ideas, please be sure mention them in the comments below. By working together we can make sure that as many children as possible find their forever families.


GoFundMe is the #1 crowdfunding site for personal fundraising on the internet.

How it Works
With GoFundMe you are able to set up a personalized page for your campaign where you can share your story.  GoFundMe makes it really easy to share your page with the people in your life. Donations can be made directly on your page and all donations will go directly to you.

How Much Does it Cost
It is free to set up your page and start collecting money. You’ll never have to pay GoFundMe directly, although they will deduct a total of 7.9% + $0.30 from each donation (5% goes to GoFundMe and 2.9% + $0.30 is for credit card processing).

Click here for more detailed information.


Pure Charity Logo

Pure Charity is another crowdfunding site although it is limited to certain types of charitable fundraisers. Fortunately, adoption is one of their supported causes.

How it Works
Pure Charity is very similar to GoFundMe in that users can personalize a donation page to receive donations. There are a few significant differences however. First, Pure Charity will work directly with your adoption agency and distribute the funds to the adoption agency directly. On the plus side, this means that, unlike GoFundMe, your contributors donations may be tax deductible. On the downside, that means that your adoption agency must be a nonprofit organization (Miriam Project is) and there are certain limitations as to what the money can be used for (right now donations can only be used toward agency related fees, however they are working on expanding this).

Additionally, the Pure Charity Rewards Network lets your friends and family shop online at their favorite retailers and a portion of the purchase price is deposited into their Pure Charity account. That is money that can then be donated towards your fundraiser.

How Much Does it Cost
It is free to set up your page however Pure Charity deducts 5% processing fee to cover credit card processing and other administrative costs.

Click here for more detailed information.


AdoptTogether Logo

AdoptTogether is another crowd-funding site that is exclusively for adoption.

How it Works
AdoptTogether is similar to the previous two, however there a couple of significant differences. Adoptive families do create profiles, however all donations are considered donations to the Hoping Hearts Foundation (which means they may be tax-deductible). Instead of donations going directly to individual families, an independent board reviews grant requests as well as actual adoption expenses. The board then makes grant decisions. AdoptTogether’s goal is to meet or exceed every grant request, although it’s possible that a family could receive less than requested dependent upon the board’s decision.

Click here for more detailed information.


YouCaring Logo

YouCaring is very, very similar to GoFundMe although YouCaring does not deduct any fees from the donations. Users set up an account with either PayPal or WePay, each of which have a small processing fee for credit card transactions.


Cards for a Cause is a fundraiser  that provides boxes of 30 high-quality handcrafted and individually wrapped greeting cards with matching envelopes for a family or organization to sell. The boxes sell for $30.00 and the family or organization keeps up to $13.00 a box (that’s 43%). For more information, contact Sarah Gibson at [email protected] or 317-479-5466.

Please share this with anyone who could benefit from the information. If you have any other suggestions or ideas be sure to comment to below!

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