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Four Times in Four Years - An Adoption Story

January 14, 2023

Following is an adoption story from some friends of ours who have been through the process several times. Check out what they have to say!

Our adoption story is not our own. It was orchestrated and woven together by the Almighty! We are so very thankful for the gifts He has given us!

We have completed the adoption process four times. Four times in four years! Those four years, and the several years that followed, were crazy but oh-so-fun!

Our first adoption began with a quick match with an expectant mother. Within several months, however, it became clear this placement wouldn’t happen. After a few months of healing, we were called on a Friday and asked to adopt through the African-American program (which was our first choice anyway). On Monday, they called again. This time a precious boy had been born over the weekend and needed to go home from the hospital that same day; would we be interested? We accepted and we were thrilled to be parents! It was the greatest joy we had ever known!

Our first child was about 18 months old when we decided that we would get started on another adoption knowing that the average adoption process takes nearly a year.  I remember the morning that my dear friend called me and I shared our news with her. I was sitting at the desk in my classroom before my students arrived when I told her “We’re adopting again!” She told me that her coworker and friend had just gone to an interview with an expectant mother at a small agency in Anderson, Indiana called Miriam Project and she suggested we look into it.

I called Miriam Project on my lunch break that very same day. My inquiry was met with excitement because we were open to adopting either an African-American or biracial child and the case worker had an expectant mother who had interviewed all of their potential families but still wanted to keep looking.

We met with her a few days later and on our drive home we received a call…we were CHOSEN! Six weeks from the day of the phone call we were awakened in the night with a call informing us that our brave, dear birth mother was in labor. We excitedly drove to the hospital. I will never forget walking into the room and seeing our baby girl for the first time, wrapped tightly in her first mommy’s arms. Her dark curls and golden complexion were breathtakingly gorgeous!

We spent the next few days loving on our baby girl and getting to know her birth mother better. What a privilege it was to meet and know the woman who selflessly carried this child for nine months. What a shared bond….both having a deep love that only a mother can have. What began as a gripping fear, the idea of having an open adoption and a relationship with the birth family, became one of the greatest blessings we could give our child. We are so thankful for the transformation God did in our hearts!

When our sweet daughter was 14 months old, and our son was 2 1/2, we received a call from a different agency asking if we would meet with an expectant mother who was due in a few weeks. That was a Thursday. We met her on Monday. I stayed up late that night completing almost every bit of paperwork. Little did I know, the birth mother would be in labor just a few hours later and the next day we drove to meet our second son!

Just 12 months after that, we received a call informing us that the birth mother of our first child was pregnant! So, just 3 months later, we welcomed another daughter into our home and family!

Each child has been and continues to be such a gift to us! We are so thankful for each one and for the women who carried them and who love them forever. All glory to Him from whom all blessings flow.

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