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What Adoption Means to Me Part 3 – A Birth Mother

November 19, 2023

This is the third post in a series illustrating the difference adoption has made in the lives of many different people. Thank you to all of you who support adoption and make stories like this possible. If you are looking for ways to get involved, you can start by giving a donation and signing up for our e-newsletter by clicking on the buttons to the right.

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Perhaps you’ve wondered what a birth mother thinks about adoption. The following are some questions we asked to a birth mother who to placed a child for adoption through the Miriam Project. If you or someone you know is pregnant and unsure what to do next, contact the Miriam Project. We will be happy to walk with you as you figure out what is best for you and your child.

What does adoption mean to you?

Adoption means responsibly carrying a child until birth and then considering the best options for the child. If you are not ready to be a parent, adoption is a great (and only) option.

How did you know the adoptive parents you chose were the right parents for your child?

The father and I prayed for good parents for our daughter and we felt they would make terrific parents. They seemed very mature, balanced and loving. These were the most important aspects of choosing parents for our child.

What do you want your daughter to know?

That she is loved by her birth parents even though we decided to place her up for adoption. We also want her to know the Lord.

What would you tell other women who are considering placing their child for adoption?

I would advise them to check into raising their own child but if that is not an option, placing a child up for adoption is a very loving, considerate choice to make.

Was there anything that surprised you about adoption?

Just how much I miss her and I hardly know her.

What has been most helpful to you as you are walking through this journey?

The relationship I have had with my case worker, Brooke. She has helped me and encouraged me in many ways. She held my hand through the whole process and we still remain friends today.

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