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What Adoption Means to Me Part 2 - Adopted Children

November 11, 2023

DSC_0338This is the second post in a series illustrating the huge difference adoption has made in the lives of many different people. Thank you to all of you who support adoption and make stories like this possible.

Have you ever wondered what adopted children think about adoption? A friend of ours asked two of her adopted children some questions. Maya is 9 and Cooper is 7. We thought you’d enjoy their answers.

What does the word “adoption” mean to you?

“It means that I have a better life now and I have a mom and dad that loves me.”

“Adoption means that I was given to my mom and dad who love me.”

Do you ever think about your birthmom/birthfamily? What kinds of questions do you have about her/them?

“Sometimes I think of them. I got to meet my birth family this past summer and it was really cool.”

“I think of my birth family a couple times a year or maybe 3 or 4 times. I wish I knew my brother’s and sister’s  names.”

What do you know about your birth story?

“I was born in Guatemala and my birth mom wanted a better life for me so my mom and dad adopted me  because they had been praying for a child and I was the answer to their prayers.”

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