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What Adoption Means to Me Part 1 - An Adoptive Family

November 5, 2023

Following is a guest post from some friends of ours who recently adopted a child through the Miriam Project. This is the first of a series of posts illustrating the huge difference adoption has made in the lives of many different people. Thank you to all of you who support adoption and make stories like this possible.

Concannon 2

We have had the privilege of being blessed twice by adoption in our family. It has been so amazing to watch God take a painful situation for both us and the birth families and turn it into life, joy, and hope.

We had been trying to have kids for several years and we found ourselves at a crossroads. We could either continue with expensive infertility treatments or we could adopt. I had a very difficult time with the concept of adoption. It required me to surrender my dream of a biological family to the Lord and exchange it for His dream. After a lot of wrestling and praying, we felt the Lord leading us toward adoption. With fear and trembling (literally) we proceeded with the very exposing application process and home study. Throughout the whole journey we kept seeking the Lord and asking if this was still what He wanted and He would always gently say, “Yes, let me amaze you.” We were matched with our son’s birth mother when she was five months pregnant and we were able to walk her through her doctor’s appointments, meet her family, and develop a relationship with her. We had the privilege of being in the room when our son was born and getting alone time with him immediately afterward. It was at that time that we started to understand what God meant when He said that He would amaze us. Our son was perfectly healthy and beautiful in every way. We had an amazing time with our son at the hospital and we also had some time with the birth mother before we parted ways. It was amazing to see God give us this deep love, not only for our son, but for his birth family as well. We continue to have a long distance relationship with his birth family and they will always be a part of us. Everyday we get to spend with our son is a reminder of God’s hand in placing him in our family. His birth and adoption brought hope and joy back into our lives after a season of painful circumstances.

Just recently we chose to go through the adoption process again. We had been feeling God tugging at our hearts to choose adoption as a means to grow our family. This adoption seemed easier because we had adopted once before, however, there was still fear of what it would be like to have a second child, let alone another adopted child with a completely different birth family. Not long after we had turned in our paperwork for this adoption I found myself with a case of shingles that left me in intense pain as a result of nerve damage. As I was lying in bed I would pray for the baby to come and pray for God’s timing. I had just started to turn a corner and improve significantly when we got a call informing us that we had been matched with a birth mother. In this case the birth mother had chosen to have a totally closed adoption. We prepared and prayed and waited anxiously for six weeks. The next thing we knew we were waiting in the hospital for our baby to be born. Although we weren’t able to be in the room during the birth, the hospital staff brought us into another birthing room and brought the baby to us the minute she was born. Prior to that moment neither we nor the hospital staff knew the sex of the baby but we were overjoyed when we discovered she was a girl. We named her Hannah Grace. Hannah means grace so her name means grace, grace. She has been a physical manifestation of God’s grace to us after a season of physical pain and other difficult circumstances.

What is even more amazing to us is that our children look very similar to each other and similar to us. God gave us and those watching us physical proof that He is the one who ultimately grows families and in our case He chose to grow our family through this amazing gift called adoption. What does adoption mean to us?  It means life, joy, and hope!

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