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What’s in a Name?

October 23, 2023

Miriam 2How did the Miriam Project get its name? We’re glad you asked. In our last blog post we looked at the courageous love of Moses’ mother. There is more to the story.

As Moses’ mother was placing the basket in the reeds by the river, Moses’ sister was standing by to watch what would happen. When Pharaoh’s daughter found the basket and realized the baby was a Hebrew, Miriam, who had seen the whole thing, approached Pharaoh’s daughter to ask if she would like Miriam to find a nurse for the child. Pharaoh’s daughter liked the idea and, in an ironic turn of events that only God could orchestrate, Miriam brought Moses’ own mother back to nurse the child until he was weaned.

Miriam served as a liaison between the birth family and the adoptive family and sought to ensure that the child would be placed in capable, loving hands. We at the Miriam project seek to be like her. We exist to serve birth families and ensure that their children will be adopted by loving, Christ-centered families.

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