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A Mother’s Love: How Courageous Women Make Selfless Decisions in Their Child’s Best Interest

October 11, 2023

baby-165067_640“It’s a boy.” After carrying this child inside of her for nine long months she finally gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. This should be a cause for celebration, but not today. Today she is heartbroken. She knows that because of the current political situation it is only a matter of time before they come and take her son away from her…she can’t even bear to think about it. “Maybe I can hide him,” she thinks to herself. “Maybe they won’t find him.” She hides him for a few months but as this young child grows she knows that she won’t be able to keep him hidden for much longer. She wants so desperately to keep this child but she knows that his life will be in danger if she does. So what does she do? In an act of selfless, courageous love she wraps him in a blanket, places him in a basket, and hides the basket in the reeds by the river.

Perhaps you know the rest of the story? Pharaoh’s daughter finds this young child, names him Moses, and raises him as her own. Moses went on to change the face of a nation and rescue a people from slavery. This may have never happened if his mother had not had the courage and love to recognize that she could not provide the care that he needed.

Does this ancient story have any relevance today? Absolutely. There are some who say that women or couples who place a child for adoption must not love that child. Nothing could be further from the truth. These individuals, much like Moses’ mother, recognize that they are unable to adequately protect and provide for the child. In an act of selfless, courageous love they decide to place the child in the care of another who will ensure the child’s well-being.

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