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Introducing… SAFARI

March 3, 2023

By Rob Heaton, Miriam Project Student Assistant

“You don’t wait for a job. You look for a job. So why would you wait to adopt?”
—Hal Kaufman,

Since posting our November 2010 National Adoption Month Blog Series, we at the Miriam Project have been hard at work finding the right answers to a common question we receive from families hoping to adopt.

All of the necessary paperwork has been filed, the home study is either in progress or completed, and the couple has thoroughly prepared a place in their home and their hearts for the child that God will place in their lives.

And then the waiting game begins. We’re asked, “What now?”

Our long-awaited answer is: “Let’s take a SAFARI together.”

SAFARI, an acronym standing for Sharing Adoptive Families’ Ambitions, Realities & Intentions, is the Miriam Project’s new adoptive family marketing initiative. But don’t let the word “marketing” scare you off—we’ve designed multiple packages geared at matching the budgets and comfort levels of a range of families.

For instance, we know that some families are looking for the extra nudge and the tools with which to share their plans to adopt with friends and others close to them. On the other hand, some families may want to share their intentions with a wider audience through all-out advertising geared toward potential birth mothers. Others wish simply to feel like they’re actively participating in the Miriam Project’s ongoing marketing and outreach initiatives. From a simple packet of tips and ideas on free (and almost free) methods to market yourself to magnetic car advertising, we’ve tried to consider the entire range of adoptive families in shaping the SAFARI program.

Now, you might say, “If we’re waiting on God’s timing for the fulfillment of our adoptive goals, why should we actively participate in a form of marketing?” It’s absolutely a fair question, and because of this we designed SAFARI as an opt-in program. We know that not all families will want to venture out with the higher-priced packages for various reasons, and that some may even see our ideas and choose to execute them without the Miriam Project’s assistance. That’s completely okay with us! Our goal is simply to help facilitate each family’s individual willingness to share their adoptive intent with the right audience at the right time. Whether this is accomplished through the Miriam Project, with an independent adoption advisor or completely individually, our goals are your goals.

So mark your calendars! The Miriam Project will begin taking reservations for the SAFARI program when it formally launches on Monday, March 7, 2023. In the meantime, stay tuned to our blog, Facebook page or Twitter feed for additional updates as we rollout the various packages, features and options that will become available. For families with an approved home study from the Miriam Project, check your mail in the next few days as we elaborate on the details about SAFARI.

In the meantime, if you’re asking the “What now?” question posed above, we have a couple of questions for you as well.

1. How open are you willing to be about your plan to adopt?
2. How much are you willing to spend to share your story?

Your answers to these two questions will be your faithful guide when selecting the package meant for you. And at the Miriam Project, we can’t wait to share in this SAFARI with you in the coming days and weeks.

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