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At the Miriam Project, we believe that each child has a purpose and needs to be in a specific home to fulfill that purpose.


Finding yourself in an unplanned pregnancy situation can bring a variety of emotions and questions. If you are even considering placing your child for adoption, we are here to walk through this journey with you and assist you in developing an adoption plan for your child.

When you contact the Miriam Project, you will talk with a knowledgeable, loving staff that has many years of experience with birth moms and dads. We understand that your situation is unique and that you need a place to talk through your options. You will be able to share your values and concerns regarding the future of your child, and you will have the opportunity to learn about potential adoptive families.

We will work with you to help you choose the best family for your child. And after your child has been placed with an adoptive family, the Miriam Project will always be here for you. We can also help you maintain contact with your child through pictures, letters or visits.

We know the idea of participating in an adoption can be overwhelming. It's both an exciting and challenging experience. We encourage you to contact us or read further information specifically for birth mothers and birth fathers, just to explore the process.

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