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Application Process for Adoption

Required Documentation for Home Studies

To begin the adoption process, please turn in an application with your application fee. Once we have received your application, we will contact you to schedule your first home visit. At this time you should begin completing the remaining forms and collecting the necessary documents.

The Miriam Project can also work with families that have a current home study completed through another licensed child placement agency. If you are in this situation, please contact our office to talk through the process.

Each family must submit the following forms for their file:

  1. One application for the Miriam Project.
  2. Data Collection Form
  3. One certified copy of each parent's birth certificate.
  4. One copy of the couple's marriage certificate.
  5. One copy of a divorce decree (if applicable).
  6. One Miriam Project Financial Profile.*
  7. Supporting Documents for Financial Profile: two (2) consecutive pay stubs per adult, two (2) consecutive bank statements for both savings & checking accounts, most recent 401K report and any other documents to support information on financial profile such as stocks, bonds, etc.
  8. One Medical Report For Primary Caregiver per parent.*
  9. One Medical Report For Household Members for each other person in the home.*
  10. Child Protective Service reference checks for each adult in the home (completed by the Miriam Project).*
  11. Four non-family references, with one being from your minister or pastor of faith.
  12. Statement of medical insurance coverage for adopted child.
  13. Statement of explanation about any children no longer living in the home.
  14. Release of Confidential Information as needed.
  15. Federal/State Criminal History Check for each adult in the home (fingerprinting completed at your local Department of Child Services branch).*
  16. Local Police Check per adult in home.*
  17. Checklist for special needs child.
  18. Checklist for Domestic Transracial/Transcutural Child.
  19. Complete Education Requirements.
  20. Family Profile Book (Domestic Adoption Only)
  21. Guardianship Statement (International Adoption Only)
  22. Verification of Residence (International Adoption Only)
  23. Certification of Assets (International Adoption Only)
  24. Additional information, by request.

* A home study expires after twelve months and/or after a placement is completed. After twelve months, an update is necessary; these documents are needed to complete the Home Study Update.

Have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you throughout this process. Additionally, please consider our Fee Schedule for adoptive families.