Image by Claudio Carrozzo

The purpose so far...

The intention of this project is to bridge the gap between non-Jewish understanding and the Divine design of womanhood and femininity. This means a multilayered study of the Biblical scriptures, the science/design of nature, and a look at Jewish thought are necessary to complete the whole structure than will ultimately guide us across this chasm.

This is about learning the "how" and "why" along with the "what". About honoring the Ger, the "sojourner" amongst the "people of Israel".

About making important things accessible to everyone.


If you would like to donate to the Project, you will be supporting the endeavor outlined above. Some practical items your donation will go toward are things like website upkeep, technical expenses, and study materials.

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If you would like to donate items or skills, please contact me so we can discuss these special gifts.